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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Lord Ram visit Ayodhya from here every night at 10 o'clock

 Orchha is a very beautiful place on the land of Bundelkhand, even today Lord Rama is considered the king. He is called Ram Raja, not Raja Ram. It can be understood from how close Rama is to the residents of this region even today.

The temple of Lord Rama located here is known as the temple of Ram Raja. They are sent to Ayodhya everyday in the form of Jyoti from this temple.

According to belief, Lord Rama lives in Orchha during the day and visits Ayodhya by night. Ramji's last aarti is performed here at 10 pm. Many forts are included in their area, Orchha, saving the historical heritage of the country.

Devotion and love reside in every particle of Orchha. 
Along with many religious sites, there are many forts and palaces testifying to true love.

The temples and forts still standing firmly on the remote hills tell stories of many invasions.
The natural beauty here will fascinate you. You will feel unlimited peace in the streets and corridors here.

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