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Saturday, November 21, 2020

Kamadhenu conch is very miraculous, mother Lakshmi gets delighted by keeping it at home

Shankh is considered very sacred in Hinduism. 
According to the scriptures, the conch was originated during Samudra Manthan and the main conch shells are of three types. Which is Vamavarti, Dakshivarti and Ganesh conch or intermediate conch. One of these conch is also Kamdhenu conch. Which are very special conch and these conch are also very rare. The shape of this conch is similar to the face of a cow, hence it is called Kamadhenu conch.

It is believed that keeping Kamdhenu conch in the house of worship gives auspicious results. At the same time, this conch is very dear to Lord Vishnu and Mata Lakshmi and while worshiping it, the conch is definitely used. There are countless benefits associated with Kamadhenu conch, which are as follows.

Benefits of keeping Kamdhenu conch at home

Keeping Kamdhenu conch in the house keeps the grace of mother Lakshmi. People who keep this conch in their house and worship it. There is never a shortage of money in his house. According to a story related to the conch, Maharishi Pulastya and sage Vashistha worshiped this conch for the blessings of Maa Lakshmi. By worshiping this conch, Maharishi Pulastya and sage Vasistha received wealth and wealth.

Every wish is fulfilled

Worshiping Kamadhenu Shankha fulfills the wish. By keeping this conch at home and worshiping it every day, you get what you want. So if you have a wish that you want to fulfill, then bring this conch in the house and worship it daily.

Attain salvation

According to the Rig Veda, Kamadhenu conch has the powers of 33 devas and donating this conch attains salvation. Therefore, you must donate Kamdhenu conch in the temple on an auspicious day. By doing this you will get salvation.

Keep a place of money

Money does not survive in the homes of many people. In such a situation, you brought this conch home and keep this conch in your vault. By taking these measures, money will start to stay in the house and income will increase.

Get peace

Worshiping Kamadhenu conch strengthens logic and speech power. At the same time, mental peace also remains right.

Worship Kamadhenu conch like this

  1. After bathing every morning, clean the temple and clean the conch with pure water. Keep the conch on a clean cloth. Note that never place the conch directly on the ground.
  2. After placing the conch over the cloth, offer flowers to it and light a lamp in front of it. Then chant the below mentioned mantra. This mantra is as follows.

Um namah gomukhi kamadhenu shankhaya mam sarva karya siddhi kuru-kuru namah.

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