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Saturday, November 14, 2020

JRD Tata thought that Nehru's attitude was against development

JRD Tata was about 15 years younger than Jawaharlal Nehru. 
But despite praising Jawaharlal as a leader in subjugated India, the Tata leader later resented his socialist stance. Even in independent India, the JRD did not hesitate to provide financial support to the independent anti-Nehru party. Because Nehru's attitude seemed to be contrary to the industrial development of the country, the then chairman of the Tata group.

Nehru's socialist attitude, especially after he became the Prime Minister of China in 1954, became even more inspired by the situation there. In the Second Five Year Plan, initiatives were taken to nationalize the major industries due to its strong impact At that time, Nehru said that he did not like the word profit However, at that time JRD wanted to explain to him that the state-owned company was also making profit In his reply, Nehru said that profit was a dirty word to him

Moreover, the 1956 general election saw the Communist Party of India (Communist Party of India) as the second largest party in the country gradually gaining strength in the Lok Sabha. In its previous election, the Communist Party of India (CPI) was the second largest party, holding only 16 seats. But in the second general election, the number of seats of the Left Party increased a little more and stood at 267

In that context, JRD feared that the rise of the Communists would hinder free industrial development in the country. As a result, no matter what Nehru thinks, a pro-industrial political party needs to emerge which is pro-industrial.

Meanwhile, in the late 1950s, former Governor General Rajagopalachari set out to form a pro-industrialist political party to oppose Nehru-Congress policy. In 1959, he requested the JRD to support his newly formed independent party At the time, Nehru could have been naturally upset if Rajaji had received such support, and Noel Tata had warned JRD about it.

As a result, JRD took a couple of months to respond to Raja Gopalachari However, he informed Nehru of his decision to maintain transparency And Nehru had a reaction to the Tatas' attitude, but did the Tatas have anything else to do?

Explaining his own position on the issue, JRD told Nehru that a responsible organized anti-democracy was needed and that the Communists should be removed from the national interest and another second largest party should be brought in Parliament. In doing so, the JRD then conveyed the message that they would do the same as they did during the election.

Besides, even if it is less than that, it will also help with the funds of the independent party Although Nehru's response was in his context, he could independently help anyone else as much as he wanted, as an independent party. Although the then Prime Minister was of the opinion that the JRD's hopeful independent party would not emerge as the main opposition.

In that sense, Nehru's prophecy seemed to match that of Tata, in fact, because the independent party had a term of fifteen years, even though it debuted with the right-wing leaders of the Congress in 1959. This group, supported by business industrialists, leaned towards a market economy rather than socialism

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