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Saturday, November 28, 2020

If a child's snoring breaks, don't ignore it, find out why

Snoring is also common in children

Bleeding from children's noses is called snoring. Bleeding from the nose in particular is not a serious problem. There can be many causes of snoring in children. Here we are telling you about the symptoms, causes and treatment of children's snoring.

The cause of snoring

There can be many reasons for a baby to bleed from the nose such as…

The main cause of nose bleeds in children is dry air which dries the skin inside the nose. Often children scratch or twist their nose with a finger. This causes damage to the veins inside the nose which can cause blood to come out of the nose.

Snoring can also be caused by an injury to the nose. See a doctor if bleeding in the nose does not stop for 10 minutes.

Snoring can also be caused by a cold, allergy or sinus infection. Bacterial infections can cause pain, redness. This infection can also cause bleeding from the nose.

A sign of bleeding from the nose

Bleeding from the nose is a sign of a runny nose but there are other signs in children:

A layer of blood flows around the nostrils. Bleeding can occur if a child grabs it or removes a piece of it with a finger. Redness of the upper part of the nose. Dry air and cold weather at night increase the cold in children. This can cause blood to come out of children's noses at night.

Small blood stains in nasal mucosa when children sneeze or blow their noses.

Treatment of snoring in children

If the baby is bleeding from the nose, place him on a chair. Now lift his head slightly up. This keeps the blood flowing back to the throat. It will taste foul and the child may cough or vomit.

Pinch the soft part below the nasal bridge. Do this when breathing through the baby's mouth. Maintain pressure for about 10 minutes. Early pressure relief can cause bleeding again. Bleeding can also be prevented by applying ice to the bridge.

When to go to the doctor

If bleeding from the nose does not stop by 20, the child is drowsy or fainting after snoring, the child should be taken to the doctor. Snoring can also be caused by a serious injury or an object going inside the nose.

You should see a doctor if the baby turns yellow during the snoring, blood comes out of the mouth and the child has a fever every time the snoring occurs. The doctor will examine the cause of the snoring with the help of other symptoms and tests. This way the child can get proper treatment.

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