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Friday, November 20, 2020

Headphones became poison for ears, ear problems increased during the corona period

New Delhi. 
Nowadays a lot of people use headphones. Headphones have been trending since the time of Walkman, but doctors have been giving a lot of time to recommend not to use headphones for long. Using headphones for long periods of time can increase ear discomfort. Joining the army is the first choice of the youth, but it is often seen that people who use more headphones are not recruited. Recently, due to the world-wide epidemic corona virus, people were imprisoned in their homes and during this time the use of headphones has increased significantly.

In the lockdown where people were doing office work from home, there were frequent online meetings. During this, he used to keep headphones. At the same time, school students are also doing online classes. During this time, they were also using headphones or earphones more. Subsequently, it was seen that people suddenly started having ear aches and trouble of infection.

Medical experts say that the use of headphones and earpods has increased significantly in the last 8 months. People used to keep it for many hours, due to which such complaints have surfaced quite simultaneously. Dr Srinivas Chavan, head of the ear nose larynx (ENT) department of JJ Hospital, Mumbai, says that such complaints are being made by people who were using headphones for a long time.

He says that only ten such people are coming to the hospital every day. Most of these people were using headphones for more than eight-eight hours. This puts more emphasis on their ears and reduces their ability to hear. If the headphones are not changed for a long time, then it can be quite annoying. School children should not wear headphones. Voice of phone or laptop is enough for online study.

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