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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Every pregnant woman has to listen to these four nonsense, you survive

Pregnancy is a time in a woman's life that brings as much trouble as it brings happiness. 
On the one hand you are lost in the thoughts of your future baby and while planning it, on the other hand the big changes in body and mood distract you. After telling everyone the news of pregnancy, new problems start, that is, without getting free advice. Every woman gets a lot of redundant advice during pregnancy of which four are the most common. It is better to stay away from such things during pregnancy.

Will it be a boy or a girl?

Most advice is given on this topic and all advice is redundant. Looking at the shape of the abdomen, looking at the color of the face, older women claim that the child growing in the abdomen is a boy or a girl. Many women are fed coconuts within the first three months of pregnancy and do not know what is strange. Older women say that eating like this gives birth to a son. All this is nonsense, it is better for you to ignore it.

Remedy for a white child

This is a topic for which every pregnant woman is advised. Some say that drinking coconut water will make the fetus turn white, while others say that when you wake up in the morning, eat white food. Some say that eating too much milk and yogurt will make the baby white. The color of the baby determines his genes. Pregnant eating habits have no effect on her.

Eating ghee will lead to normal delivery

A pregnant woman is advised to eat ghee or greasy foods after the eighth month. The belief behind their advice is that eating ghee leads to a normal delivery and reduces pain. Consumption of ghee and greasy foods as advised leads to faster delivery. The truth is that eating foods like ghee, butter increases calories in the body which is difficult to reduce later.

Beautiful picture

A picture of a beautiful baby is hung in front of a pregnant woman who brings good news like home. The good news is that doing so makes all members of the household happy. But the reason behind the advice to do so is completely absurd. It is said that the more beautiful the picture of a pregnant baby, the more beautiful the baby in her womb becomes. There is no such thing. What a baby looks like is determined by its DNA.

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