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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Drink okra/lady finger water every morning, get rid of these 5 ailments

You will find a lot of people around you who love okra very much. 
Oatmeal is extremely beneficial not only for taste but also for health. Oats contain a variety of nutrients, which protect against diseases ranging from asthma to kidney and diabetes.


f you want to keep your body away from diseases all over the world, start drinking a glass of Okra water every morning. This is an ayurvedic recipe, which is also tried in other countries, including India. Drinking Okra water regularly has many benefits for the body. Read, Okra is full of so many nutritious properties?

Prepare this way
Take 2 fresh oats and cut its corners. Now cut the rest in half and cut into two pieces. Now soak this piece in 1 cup of water. After soaking overnight, remove the oats from the cup in the morning. Mix normal water in it and drink it on an empty stomach.

Sugar control

Very few people know that oatmeal is beneficial for diabetes. Drinking water from an empty stomach can relieve the problem of diabetes in a month. Read, this simple use of oats will control diabetes.


If the body is deficient in hemoglobin, drinking a glass of Okra water daily increases red blood cells. This maintains the amount of blood in the body.

The brightness of the eyes

Okra water is also beneficial for the eyes, as it is rich in Vitamin A. The element of water goes through the body and increases the blind chevanco, increasing the weight of the control to use okra


People who suffer from constipation will benefit if they drink oatmeal or eat oatmeal on an empty stomach every morning. (Be sure to consult your doctor once before any natural treatment)

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