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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Does your baby cry when he is not bathing? So know this much

Bathing your toddler is important not only for hygiene but also for them to sleep peacefully. 
Every mom has a different experience when bathing her baby. Some children love to bathe, they look at the water and immediately become happy and start splashing as soon as they go into the water. So some children start crying loudly as soon as they go to the bathroom. Even mothers get tired of bathing such a baby. If your baby is doing this, have you ever tried to figure out why he cries when he is not bathing?

Water temperature

Babies are sensitive to cold and hot temperatures. So take special care that its bath water is not too cold or too hot. It would be more appropriate to bathe them in warm water. Such water will calm them down and at the same time they will choose to take a bath.

Water flow

Slowly pour water over the baby while bathing. If you use a bathtub, put the baby in it first and then slowly pour water over them. Doing so will make them fun too. Even when washing their hair, add water slowly

Inflammation due to rashes or rashes

Care should be taken to ensure that they do not get any rashes or red rashes due to exposure to soap and water. If something like this happens to them and water touches that part, it causes inflammation, which causes the baby to cry and run away from bathing. If this happens, avoid applying soap to the area.


Bathe your baby only after getting enough sleep and after a meal. Your baby will cry if he is tired or hungry. So bathe it only 30 or 45 minutes after feeding

Follow the routine

It is also necessary to fix the routine. Once the routine is set, your child will get used to it. As such, your baby will know that this is bedtime. This is bath time.

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