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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Chinese soldiers still fear this temple built on the border years ago

 There are many temples of gods and goddesses in the country, but have you heard that in this country there is also an Indian soldier's temple, where people from far and wide come to worship. Not only this, this soldier continued his job even after his death. He is now retired. You must be feeling a little strange to hear, but this is the reality.

People come from far and wide to visit Baba Harbhajan Singh temple in Sikkim. Know how to become a soldier from Baba Harbhajan Singh Born on 30 August 1946 in Sadrana village of Punjab (present-day Pakistan), Harbhajan was admitted as a soldier in the Punjab Regiment of the Indian Army on 1966. It was then stationed in East Sikkim in 1968 with the 23rd Punjab Regiment. On October 4, 1968, while carrying a convoy of mules, he slipped his foot near Nathu La Pass and died after falling into the valley. The strong current of water swept away their bodies.

Baba Harbhajan Singh is believed to have told about his body in the dream of a fellow soldier and after three days of research, his body was found in the same place by the Indian Army. It is also believed that he had expressed a desire to build a tomb in his dream, after which his tomb was made.

It is said that even after death, Baba Harbhajan Singh does his duty and informs his colleagues about all the activities of China. Even the army has so much faith towards them that they were given salary, two months leave etc. like all others. He is now retired.

During a two-month halt, tickets are booked up to their house in the train and the locals take their luggage and leave them as a procession to leave the railway station. A quarter of his salary is sent to his mother. Not only this, the position also changes. Whenever there is a flag meeting between India and China in Nathula, the Chinese Baba also sets a separate chair for Harbhajan.

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