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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Chemical in Chyawanprash! Items not shown on label found in testing

Ahmedabad: Since the corona to increase imyuniti 
Chywanprash exposure to consume as well as asparagus powder. However, the National Forensic Science Uni. Some research conducted by has revealed that chemicals and some food items are also being mixed in Chewanprash.

Not all of these ingredients mixed in Chewanprash are harmful to health, but it is not mentioned in its label, and the buyer of Chewanprash does not even get any information about it because of it.

Samples of six brands of Chewanprash were taken by NFSU, and some of them were tested. The test showed the presence of caffeine as well as alkaloids, amino acids, carbohydrates, proteins, phenols and vitamin C.

The research was conducted under the guidance of Astha Pandey, Associate Professor of the Institute. He said the manufacturing process of Chewanprash should have standardization, and whatever was added to it should be mentioned on its pack.

Students named Darshini Jethwa, Shalvi Agarwal, Aniruddha Dixit and Chaitanya participated in this research. Pro. According to Pandey, some of the chemicals may have been caused by the ingredients used in Chewanprash. However, it can also have side effects for many people.

Regarding the discovery of caffeine in the sample of Chewanprash, Prof. Pandey said it does not arise naturally, and his presence is not even mentioned on the packing. Therefore, it can be said to be confused.

Seven branded and unbranded powders were taken by the team for research on asparagus. He also said that the presence of starch in asparagus is more likely to be mixed with corn or wheat flour.

Gujarat Food and Drug Control Administrator Commissioner HG Koshia said that he has not seen the research of NFSU yet, but it can be found in the products used in Ayurvedic products due to the presence of alkaloids in the products.

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