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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Beware: there is lack in beauty of women who eat more sweet, know big reason

 Integrity food people would have liked, but that much sweeter than you eat recover today. Eating more sweet can only harm your health, but with this, its effect is seen on your healthy skin too. During the festive season every house is becoming sweet or coming, which people are not able to control themselves by seeing. The effect of which is not seen immediately but later.

Eating sweet starts to produce insulin in the body. This is so that the level of blood sugar in the body remains constant. At the same time, after some people eat sweet as soon as insulin is released from the body, their body is jealous and the skin looks red. This happens to people who are allergic to sweet food.

Eating more sweet also increases the problem of pimples in the body. In this case, after eating sugary, there is first a burning sensation in the skin and then white blood cells are from acne, only after which there are pimples in the body.

If you have a skin-related allergy, after eating too much sweetness, your problem will increase. In this case your skin will turn red. At the same time, some people feel that, your skin is glowing or your skin is getting beautiful but it does not happen.

This happens because of increasing levels of sugar in your body. So avoid eating too much sweet and if you have any problem of any kind, do not consume sweet or at least.

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