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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Bathing with hot water can cause harm in winter, avoid making such mistakes in change weather

In cold weather flu and infection spreads very fast, the body's needs also change with the changing of seasons. So in the changing season, you must keep your immune system correct. Negligence with health in winter can be huge, never make such mistake in knowing.

Bathing with hot water for
a long period of time can be harmful to take a bath in late winter with hot water, experts say, taking long showers has a bad effect on our body and mind. Keratin in hot water deteriorates skin cells. This increases the problem of dryness, itching and rashes in the skin.

Too much clothing In
winter, it has been observed that some people wear more clothes to keep themselves warm. Avoid doing this, it may cause your body overheating. The immune system produces white blood cells when cold. Who protect us from infection and other diseases. On the other hand, if the body is too hot, the immune does not do its job.

eat more food during the winter, people do not care about health and start eating more food. The body spends more calories in cold. In such a situation, one should eat only fiber vegetables or fruits when feeling hungry.

Tea in winter, people like to drink a lot, but by mistake, caffeine should not be used too much. Excess of caffeine is harmful to the body and no more than two to three cups of coffee should be consumed throughout the day.

Drinking less water
causes less thirst in winter, due to which people drink less water, but it is wrong to do so. Urination, degeneration comes out of the body in sweat. In such a situation, if you drink less water then the body starts dehydrating. In such a situation, you may have problems with kidney or digestion.

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