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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A businessman loads trash into a BMW car he bought as a gift to his father

A very different scenario was witnessed in Ranchi, Jharkhand. 
Where a man was seen throwing rubbish on the road in his luxury car BMW. Everyone was surprised to see Prince Srivastava, a young businessman from Ranchi, picking up trash in his dream car.

Prince Srivastava bought a BMW car as a gift to his father. But even after buying the car, it was getting worse. Even after going to the BMW service center, this expensive luxury car did not run smoothly. Which made the Prince very upset.

During this time Prince had to spend a lot to repair his BMW car. Not only that, the car owner was also very annoyed with the attitude of the workshop owner. So he put the BMW car in the garbage collection.

Prince said cricketer Ishan Kishan and Ranji cricketer Ajatashatru have similar complaints. They are also facing such problems in their cars. There are many problems with car servicing and repairing. Despite repeated complaints, no satisfactory action has been taken by the Ranchi-based servicing center and show-room management.

Prince Srivastava says that if his problem is not resolved soon, on November 29, they will all collect garbage in a BMW car. The Prince will also be knocking on the court door soon.

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