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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

What do women want from a partner in the bedroom?

What do women want from men in the bedroom? 
Women's ideas are quite different. As soon as she gets to bed she doesn't think about immediate sex and wants her male partner to talk to her first. Makes a little joke and then a romantic conversation gets him in the mood. So you also need to know how to get started.

Usually women want something new in the bedroom. Women want their partner to do something new and change their sex life. Men should also be aware of what women like in the bedroom.

Men's minds in the bedroom usually run like this to keep the female partner happy. Also, this is not entirely true as men are said to have an orgasm only once while women are said to have multiple orgasms. Once they reach orgasm, their mood changes a bit.

Sometimes men get so serious during sex that they give up everything and start focusing on just one thing. Fall asleep immediately after reaching the climax. Thinks only of his own pleasure. Women do not like this. The ideal situation is that both partners reach orgasm together.

Men should meet their female partner, kiss her and go to bed immediately after having sex instead of going to bed. Because women want their partner to be as fresh as before after sex. Men should be aware of this.

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