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Thursday, October 29, 2020

Twitter servers all over the world are down, users are having trouble

In India, Twitter server went down on Wednesday night Which caused a commotion among the users. With Twitter down for over an hour, users had a hard time refreshing or opening the page. People are expressing their grief through other social media including Facebook and Instagram. Twitter does not open even after refresh.

Users have difficulty
opened has been very difficult to call, including a laptop computer and other electronic media to be refreshed on Twitter, the Twitter login and their tvitadeka to open a new page and Twitter did not even after repeatedly refreshed.

When will this problem be solved?
There are also reports that Twitter users are facing problems in India as well as other Asian countries, including Malaysia and Indonesia, and they are going to a website called DownDetector and filing a report on the problem. No statement has been released by Twitter yet, it is believed that Twitter is trying to resolve the issue and the issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

Jokes were made on this trouble of Twitter
Twitter servers have been down from time to time before and after a while everything goes back to normal. Now people were showing their anger on Twitter after the servers of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went down. They do not understand who to express their grief over the downing of the Twitter server. So now the jokes are going viral as the Twitter servers on Facebook and Instagram go down.

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