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Thursday, November 19, 2020

This home remedy reduces stretch marks, will disappear from the skin

Stretchmarks also occur when a person’s body changes rapidly. 
Frequent body growth and weight gain cause stretch marks. However, this is not a sign that health is deteriorating, but stretch marks can affect both men and women. Stretchmarks are most common in pregnancy as well as in youth. The first stretch marks appear on the skin in a thin or red eggplant color. Which is found differently compared to the skin. Thus most stretchmarks fade over time and become lighter or more transparent. Naturally removing a stretchmark is not easy because these are the types of scars. Which probably stops appearing. However, there are some remedies. Stretchmarks can be reduced and lightened quickly.

Sugar (sugar) scrub

Stretch marks can be lightened by sugar. This is a home remedy that is fairly easy to try. Applying sugar scrubs on the skin can lighten the stretch marks. Also take a quarter cup of almond oil or coconut oil with a cup of sugar and mix these two mixture and now add lemon juice to it. After that, scrub the parts of the body that have stretch marks. Massage the stretch marks on that part of your body for 8-10 minutes every day for weeks.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is considered very essential for removing stretch marks. Pure aloe vera is a natural way. Which removes stretch marks as well as softens the skin. This removes stretch marks as well as softens the skin. This is the easiest way to get rid of stretch marks at home. Apply pure aloe vera on your skin after bathing daily.

Coconut oil

Skin damage is the most common cause of stretch marks. So that it is healed quickly by coconut oil. Many researches have shown that coconut oil is used for skin care and many types of skin wounds also take less time to heal. Applying coconut oil daily where there are stretch marks will reduce the red color. You can use it unless you are allergic to coconut oil.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A contains some of these elements. Which helps to lighten stretch marks from the skin. Vitamin A is considered retinoids and retinoids make the skin softer and more young. Vitamin A is also used in many cosmetic creams. You need to use vitamin A extract or you can take vitamin A orally from another source. For this you can also eat carrots and tubers which are rich in vitamin A. Which helps to increase the level of vitamin A in the body.

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