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Tuesday, October 6, 2020

'Swiss Military' aims to build Rs 1000 crore brand with Torrero

Global powerhouse 'Swiss Military', along with Torrero Corporation, has set a target to build a brand worth Rs 1000 crore in India. 
Anuj Sahni, managing director of Swiss Military and Yashovardhan Gupta, managing director of Torrero Corporation announced it yesterday.

He said that the global powerhouse 'Swiss Military' brand has licensed the Torrero Corporation from promoter SM SA to bring exclusive leather goods and bags to the Indian market. Swiss Military, established as a brand for the past 30 years, has a strong presence in 26 countries globally, with brand registrations in 40 countries and over 600 retail stores across various product segments.

Swiss Military' Managing Director Anuj Sahni said that over 30 years consumers have shown their love and appreciation for Swiss's sense of design, adventure, quality and lifestyle, which represents the Swiss Military brand. Our consumers have long demanded a wide range of premium leather goods, bags and gifts to complement best-seller electronics, accessories and watches sold globally.

We realized that this is the right time to bring in premium leather goods, accessories, gifts, etc. to meet this growing demand from consumers, and so we have started a new, but very fast growing fashion house, Torrero Corporation Swiss military has been signed to take the license. It is a synergy that has a common vision of being the country's largest lifestyle brand.

Swiss Military is expecting at least 3 times growth in the market segment for the leather category with Torrero over the next 2 years. The Swiss military brand is hoping to receive a significant boost following its new affiliation with Torrero, both online and offline.

Yashovardhan Gupta, managing director of Torrero Corporation, said that Swiss Military is not only an iconic brand, but also one of the fastest growing brands in the world. It is an honor for us that together with PromShirt, they are participating in their journey to make Swiss Military a brand worth Rs 1000 crore in India.

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