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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Prices of pulses increased to Rs 1500 quintal in 15 days

New Delhi: In the
 Corona era, it has become difficult for people to eat pulses. There was a time when a poor person used to eat lentils and used to fill his stomach, but now, due to the rising price of pulses, it seems that soon pulses are going to disappear from the plate.

In the last 15 days, prices of pulses have gone up by Rs 1,500 per quintal due to supply shortage amid general demand. Chana dal has gained Rs 400-500 per quintal. It also affected the prices of other pulses like lentils and moong. On the other hand, pulses millers say that there is a possibility of stability at the current price, but the supply will remain tight at the moment.

The price of pulses is increasing rapidly at the present time. Before the lockdown, pulses of arhar which were getting Rs 75 to 80 per kg, while pulses are now being sold for 120 to 125 rupees per kg. Due to an increase of 40 to 45 rupees in pigeonpea pulses, these lentils are now getting removed from the plate of people's food.

Chana dal and gram flour have also increased by 10 to 15 rupees. Before the Corona period, gram pulses were being sold for Rs 50 to 55, which has now become Rs 70 to 75 per kg. Moong and lentil pulses have also seen an increase of Rs 10 per kg. At the same time, soybean oil also increased, the oil which was being sold at Rs 80 per liter before the Corona period, today its price has gone up to Rs 100 per liter.

At the same time, the price of green vegetables is also touching the sky. Prices of potato, onion and tomato are increasing these days. In such a situation, what should the common man do, due to the lockdown in the country due to Corona, lakhs of people have lost their jobs and in such a situation, the rising price of pulses, vegetables and oil has upset people.

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