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Friday, October 23, 2020

Pregnant Amrita Rao was seen in a red sari on Maha Ashtami

Bollywood actress Amrita Rao and her husband RJ Anmol are expecting a baby to arrive there very soon. 
The actress is currently nine months pregnant. Fans have been wishing her well since the actress turned out to be pregnant. The actress shared a picture of her first baby bump floating 4-5 days ago. A post of the eighth puja has been shared on social media during the ongoing Navratri festival.

Amrita Rao shared the video on Instagram. In which she is looking gorgeous in a red sari. The glow of pregnancy is clearly visible on the face of the actress who is going to be a mom. Praying to Mataji, the actress wrote, "I am happy to witness my ninth month of pregnancy in the auspicious month of Navratri. These nine days are dedicated to Maa Durga and her nine incarnations. I am entering a new incarnation of being a mother. I bow to the feminine energy of the universe. Maa Durga gives strength and strength to every mother who becomes a mother. Happy Ashtami to all '.

Fans have commented well on this post of the actress. One fan wrote, 'OMG !!! The glow of pregnancy on your face is making you more beautiful '. So one fan wrote, 'Super cute, love mom to be. May God give happiness and peace to your coming child '
Even a few days ago, Amrita shared a picture of a baby bump floating in a white dress. In the caption he wrote, 'This is the 10th month for you but 9th for us. Surprise ... Surprise ... Precious and I are in the ninth month of pregnancy. I am so excited to share this good news with my fans and friends. (Sorry I kept this hidden in my stomach for so long) But this is true. The baby is coming soon. Invaluable, this journey has been very exciting for our families and me. Thank you universe ... thank you all. Keep on blessing # 2020baby # 2020mom # 2020parents'

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