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Saturday, October 24, 2020

Neha is going to marry Rohanpreet, blessings given by Himesh Reshammiya

The marriage of playback singer and Indian Idol 12 judge Neha Kakkad is just around the corner. 
Neha and Rohanpreet are going to get married in Delhi. A day ago, Neha came across pictures of Mehndi and Haldi Ceremony. Her fans are looking very excited about Neha's wedding. Apart from this, her friends in the industry are also happy for Neha, including her co-judge Himesh Reshammiya.

Singer and music composer Himesh is happy with Neha's marriage. He has shared a video during the audition for Indian Idol 12. In which he is teasing Neha along with Vishal Dadla. Both immediately composed the song 'Chandigarh Me Kya Hua Tha?' Also singing. In this song, Neha is hinting that she has met someone in Chandigarh. From which it seems that Vishal and Himesh are pointing at Rohanpreet.

Neha blushes with embarrassment when she learns that co-judge Rohanpreet is teasing her. After which he also sings the song, 'Chandigarh mein kya hua tha nahin bataungi'. After a while Vishal and Himesh also join him.

Himesh Reshammiya shared the video on Instagram. In the caption he greets and blesses Neha and Rohanpreet. He wrote, 'Chandigarh mein kya hua tha neha kakkadani saath ... this moment gives me faith in the word realization. You and I know that when this song was immediately made on the set of Indian Idol 12, I did not know that you are meeting someone and he is also a singer. Wishing you this special day of life. It is unbelievable that you and Rohanpreet Singh are getting married this month. After this song on the set he told me, it is true and you are getting married this month. Jay Matadi. God always keep you happy. And yes, our brother Aditya Narayan is also going to surprise us soon '.

From the caption, it seems that Aditya Narayan is also going to give the news of his marriage soon.

Speaking of Neha Kakkad and Rohanpreet, their haldi ceremony was held yesterday and they shared beautiful pics from the ceremony.

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