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Monday, October 26, 2020

How to Unsend an Email Sent via Gmail?

You may have "bad times" when you send an email with the wrong information or big mistake. 
Only then will you realize the need for the Unsend button.

Even though Gmail does not have a separate button or feature to unsent a particular email, you will have a short time to recall it after sending a specific email.

You may already know this. When you send an email, the Undo button appears on the screen, which is visible for a maximum of 30 seconds if you set the timer in Settings.

If you press the undo button within the specified time, the email will be canceled. If you click on any other option on the Gmail page, the Undo button will disappear immediately. Because once an email is sent that page will be refreshed. This feature works on both the browser or the Gmail app.

Extra tips:

Apart from this Google also gives you a confidential mode in Gmail. If you are a person who owns emails as you are beaten, this will definitely give you a hand. If you enable this mode, recipients will not have the option to forward, copy, print or download specific emails.

Well now, you can find instructions on how to recall an email and how to choose when to undo it: How to recall

or send an email in Gmail?

Step 01: Remember that even if you want to recall or unscent a specific email you have already sent, you will not have much time. You only have a short time to do it.

Step 02: Sent mails to want to get back the screen to the left corner of the "Message sent" and "Undo" or the "View message" options like find.

Step 03: The above options, the "Undo" option immediately, click the avavlavutan. Specific e-mail sent.

An e-mail How to choose a specific time to recall or undo?

Step 01: Go to Gmail on your computer

Step 03: Next to "Undo Send" you will see time options for undo such as 5, 10, 20 or 30 seconds. Select one of them and that's it!

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