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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Be especially careful when buying a second hand or refurbished phone

E-commerce companies will start Festival Sale from this month. 
Customers will also be able to buy second hand smartphones during the sale. The company sells this smartphone with a brand new look. There are a few things to keep in mind before buying a second hand smartphone from an e-commerce site or from a retail store so that you do not suffer any loss later.

Find out what the current price of the second hand phone you are going to buy is when the model was launched. Often the price of a second hand smartphone is around its latest prices. Assuming that the price of the second hand smartphone that you are going to buy is Rs 5,000, the price of the new model is around Rs 6,000, then this deal may cost you dearly.

Phone Accessories

Accessories that come with the phone such as charger, USB cable and earphones should be checked to see if they work properly. Also check if data transfer is taking place with USB cable. Also find out if the accessories are original. The company offers a 6-month warranty on accessories.

Format the phone

Format the phone 2 or 3 times before inserting the SIM in the phone or do a factory reset. So if there is any pre-installed app virus or bug in the phone, it will be removed. Go to the phone's settings and select the Format option in the Security option. Then insert the SIM and SD card in the phone and turn it on. After turning on the phone, check if the memory card is read.

Display and Camera Test

When the phone is turned on, first touch the screen of the phone from all places to see if it works. Try playing a game on the phone to see how effective the display touch is. Also test the rear and front camera of the phone. See the quality of the clicked photo. Also check by calling from the phone.

Connectivity and battery backup

You should also check how often the phone is charged and how much battery backup it has. Other connectivity features of the phone should also be checked. Check if the phone supports OTG by inserting a pen drive.

Check bill and IMEI number Check the

invoice bill when buying a second hand smartphone. Check his IMEI number. The IMEI number written on the bill and the IMEI number shown by dialing * # 06 # on the phone should be the same.

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