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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

4 new features silently added to YouTube (Android, iOS)!

 YouTube, Google's video streaming site, has added 4 new features to its app. It is also worth noting that those 4 new features are available to Android and iOS users starting today. Here are details about four new features announced by YouTube:

01. Video Chapter - This feature was first introduced to desktop users in May. Now it is also accessible to smartphone users.

This feature allows users to skip specific sections of the video. From now on, users will be able to see a list of all the chapters included in the video, each with a Preview Thumbnail of what they will see in that chapter.

02. Swap on two icons - The app for YouTube has moved the Caption button to the video player on smartphones. Also, Apple now gives you access to the autoplay toggle, which allows users to turn Autoplay videos on or off very easily

03. Gesture support- Enter and exit gesture support for full-screen mode is now available on the YouTube app. You can enter full-screen mode by swiping up on the screen and exit screen mode by swiping down.

04. Suggested actions - Suggested actions feature - Whenever users think that they can "get a better experience", users will be asked to rotate their smartphone or play video on the VR. In addition to this, YouTube has stated that some more recommended action features will be introduced under this in the future.

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