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Monday, November 9, 2020

Fat girls are chosen as life partners in this country, know what is the reason

New Delhi: If you are overweight and your obesity is stinging people, then it can be a painful thing, but there is a country in the world where fat girls are chosen as their life partner, not only that, but also their girls childhood By giving more diet, pay special attention to her health so that by the time she gets married, she will become very thick. There are different traditions about marriage in the whole world which are reflected in the culture there. We will tell you about one such country, which you will be surprised to know about.

Located in the western part of North Africa, there is a country known as Mauritania. Girls of this country have to be fat for good brides because it has been a tradition here that the thickness of a girl is judged by her beauty, so girls are fed and fed here before marriage. Mauritania will probably be the first country in the world where girls are fed more food than boys. They do this so that until the marriage of the girl, her body can become more and more thick. If that girl is not able to get fat by the time of marriage then it becomes difficult to get a good bridesmaid.

In fact, in Mauritania, only the fat girl and obesity are seen adding to the richness and beauty. If a girl is found slim and fit or thin thin here, then people here believe that these people are very poor and unfortunate. Let us tell you that in Mauritania, fattening farms are being run to make girls fat. Prosperous people send their girls from the age of 5 to 6 years to these futting farms. The women working on these farms forcibly feed the girls who come to them from morning to night, so that they can become more and more fat.

The girls who come to these farms are given a heavy diet every day to fat them as quickly as possible. High calorie foods like dates, goat and camel milk, rice, olive oil are given continuously in these girls' food and after the meal these girls have to rest fiercely. After that the food is then given to those girls, this process is repeated again and again. Let us tell you that during this time these girls are also not allowed to do much physical activity. Let us tell you that these girls are given a diet of up to one thousand calories in a day. According to the Mauritania Health Ministry, the situation here has changed compared to the past and at present, both women and men here prefer to stay slim and fit and there are very few people who follow this tradition.

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