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Sunday, June 27, 2021

10 Lessons Taught By Travelling The World

Growing up from a single family, I had been spending most of the childhood in boarding schools and diversified youth hostels around the world. With the being said, I know I wouldn't become the person I am today if I never traveled. Travelling has given me tons of lessons but there are ten that I would never forget for the whole life.
1. Appreciate and learn from another culture
Experiencing a culture on the spot is completely different from learning about it in school. Whether it is visiting museums, looking around at architectural landmarks, or even just stopping for a coffee break in a happening cafe, observing what people wear, how they wear it, how they sit at the table and behave their loved ones is far more interesting than you can imagine, travelling exposes you to people and lifestyles that are completely different than anything you've probably encountered back at home.
2. Become a problem solver
I have never taken a trip where something doesn't go wrong. I've lost my luggage, gotten hopelessly confused with directions, missed my flight while taking a nap right in front of the boarding gate, and was even stuck in the immigration counter for two nights as a result of expired visa. It's quite normal that life doesn't go according to plan, even when you are on vacation. Learning how to deal with the curveballs travelling throws your way teaches you how to become a problem solver by yourself in your daily life.
3. The importance of unplugging from social media
I think I can speak for most people in my generation when I say social media takes up a lot of our time. That is why I love the fact that when I travel I am often cut off from any internet. After returning home, I always realise that a life behind a screen can never compared to a life being lived fully.
4. Live in the moment
People often spend most of their life regretting for the past and worrying about the future. Travelling, however, makes us all stop and just enjoy the moment. The difference between experiencing every second of your life instead of dwelling on things out of your control is palpable and it is a lesson that's one of the most important to take back home.
5. We are not so different
Regardless of culture, skin colour, geographical location, or language, everyone in the world strives for the same things. We all want to be safe, we all want to be successful , we all want to be loved and cared, we all want to live lives that we can look back on and be proud of. Once you travel, you realise that the entire globe is all striving towards the same goal: happiness.
6. The world isn't as scary as you've been lead to believe
If you watch the news as much as I do, it's hard to not start thinking that the entire world is a scary , dangerous place. Granted, it's important when travelling to keep your wits about you and take special precautions, but in general, the average country is just as safe as the one you live in now. Danger is always out there, but you have just as likely of a chance of having something bad happen to you in the perceived safety of your home as you do abroad, so why let your fear inhibit you?
7. You're more capable than you ever thought you could be
People always say that travel is a transformative experience, and I think that all stems from realising that you are capable of far more than you ever could have imagined. As an introverted bookworm, it seems nearly impossible that I've done some of things I've done. Whether I was making friends with complete strangers who are speaking a language differ from mine, or even efficiently plan an adventure, when I look back on my journey, I feel a sense of pride akin to finishing a marathon. Travel truly changes you, but in the absolute best way imaginable.
8. Day to day problems aren't really "problems"
It's easy to get caught up in your own little world, where small things like a bad haircut or spilling coffee on your favourite shirt are life-shattering, but once you travel you realise that your problems really aren't that much of a problem. Seeing how the rest of the world lives first-hand in comparison to you makes you realise that you are beyond lucky to live the life you lead.
9. Stay humble
Many of us have been told just that how important and one-of-a-kind we are since we were little. Once you travel you realise that is kind of bogus. The world is a giant place, and we each just make up a tiny part of it. You, as complex as your life may be, are just background noise to the person sitting next to you in the metro. This sounds depressing, however, it really serves as a great reminder to stay humble and not sweat the small stuff.
10. There is no place like home

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