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Friday, June 7, 2024

Yudhistir Curse to Kunti: Yudhishthir gave Kunti the curse which women are facing even today, know what was the reason

Why did Yudhistir curse Kunti: The Pandavas loved their mother Kunti very much. Yudhishthir had a special affection for mother Kunti. Then what happened that he cursed his own mother. Let us know this interesting story related to Mahabharata.

Which curse did Kunti get: The Mahabharata war lasted for 18 days in which many such incidents happened which are still memorable. The Mahabharata war was fought between the Kauravas and the Pandavas about 5200 years ago. But do you know that a curse given during the Mahabharata period is still applicable on women? Do you know what that curse is and who gave it to whom?

There is an incident in Mahabharata in which it is mentioned that mother Kunti was cursed by her own son i.e. Yudhishthira. It is also believed that the effect of this curse can be seen in women even today, due to which they are not able to keep anything hidden in their stomach. Let us know a story related to this curse.

This curse was given

According to the legend, when the Mahabharata war ended and Karna died in the war, mother Kunti was crying while holding Karna's body in her lap. Seeing this, the Pandavas were shocked and asked Yudhishthira why are you shedding tears on the death of the enemy. Then Kunti told that Karna was her eldest son.

Yudhishthira got very angry after hearing this truth and he cursed his mother Kunti. While cursing, Yudhishthira said that from now on no woman will be able to hide anything in her stomach. It is believed that since then this curse is still working on women.

Another legend

According to another legend, in the fierce Mahabharata war that lasted for 18 days, many relatives from both the Kaurava and Pandava sides were killed, whose Tarpan was not possible to perform together. For this, people from the Kaurava and Pandava sides started performing Tarpan for their dead relatives and relatives one by one. After this, when it was time to perform Tarpan for the dead relatives and relatives, the Pandavas stayed for a month on the banks of the Ganga with their mother Kunti.

Nobody did the Tarpan of Karna

After a month, everyone's tarpan was done but no one did the tarpan of Karna. Mother Kunti knew that Karna was her son but none of the Pandavas knew that Karna was their brother because Kunti had not told anyone about this. Kunti asked Yudhishthira to do the tarpan of Karna but Yudhishthira did not do the tarpan of Karna. Yudhishthira refused to do the tarpan of Karna saying to Shri Krishna and Mother Kunti that he was neither our relative nor any relative.

Mother Kunti kept the truth hidden

Hearing this, mother Kunti became anxious because she wanted that Karna should also be offered water by the Pandavas because Karna was the brother of the Pandavas but she was afraid of telling this truth to her five sons. Shri Krishna told mother Kunti to now tell her sons the truth about Karna. On the advice of Shri Krishna, mother Kunti told the Pandavas that Karna was the brother of the Pandavas and the son of mother Kunti.

Hearing this, Yudhishthira became angry and he cursed Kunti and said that from today onwards, women will never be able to hide anything in their stomach. After this, Shri Krishna calmed Yudhishthira and said that Kunti is as pure as the water of Ganga and whatever happened was the play of time. Hearing this, Yudhishthira's anger subsided and he apologized to his mother and performed the Tarpan of Karna with full rituals.

How was Karna born?

There is an interesting story in the Mahabharata about the birth of Karna, according to which, once Rishi Durvasa is very pleased with Kunti's service. Then he tells Kunti about a mantra and says that whichever god you invoke by chanting this mantra, you will get the son of that god.

Then Kunti invoked the Sun God with this mantra in her mind and then with the blessings of the Sun God she got Karna wearing armor and earrings, but due to giving birth before marriage, Kunti had to abandon this child out of fear of society and Kunti put Karna in a box and floated him in the river.

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