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Monday, June 17, 2024

You can take this small AC with you anywhere, its price is also not high

If you are also troubled by this heat, then you can buy this mini portable AC. This AC will prove to be very beneficial for you. You can take this AC with you anywhere and enjoy its cool air. Read full details about these compact size ACs here.

If you also stay out of the house most of the time and get troubled due to the heat, then this mini AC will be good for you. When you leave home and reach the office, you enjoy the cool air of the AC there. But the problem comes in covering the distance between home and office. Meanwhile, the havoc of heat makes you sad. But to avoid having to go through this problem, you can buy a mini AC for yourself which will make your journey fun. Its cool air will not let you feel the heat.

MAK Mini AC Cooler is available on Meesho

You can get almost every small and big thing on Meesho at a very cheap price. The platform lists products that come in budget according to your needs. You can get a small mini AC on the platform which costs only Rs 947. You can also carry it with you while travelling.

In this, you get 3 adjustable speed modes which you can change as per your need whenever you want. Not only this, you also get an LED light in it so that this AC can do the work of giving light and air simultaneously. You can connect it to USB.

Mavis Lavender Mini Air Conditioner

This air conditioner can work both outdoors and indoors. You can also take this portable small AC with you while traveling. The original price of this AC is Rs 23,899 but you can buy it from Amazon with a 50 percent discount for only Rs 11,839.

You can also take this AC with you on a picnic. In this AC too, you get 3 speed modes which you can set according to your needs.

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