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Friday, June 14, 2024

World Blood Donor Day: Can cancer patients donate blood? Know the answer from experts

World Blood Donor Day: There are different beliefs about whether cancer patients can donate blood or not, so there is a dire need to make people aware about this topic. Know the correct answer from the expert

Many cancer survivors feel empowered and emotionally uplifted by participating in blood donation. In addition, the regular health checkups that are a part of blood donation help cancer survivors monitor their health status and receive timely information about any disease.

Apart from this, the feeling of doing something good for the society also helps cancer survivors to connect with the society, which not only improves their overall mental condition but also helps in recovery

Those who have defeated cancer can donate blood

Oncology and Hematology Dr. Ushma Singh explains that for cancer survivors, the decision to donate blood is a very personal and courageous one. It is important to understand that not all cancer survivors can donate blood, but those who can help save lives. A very common concept is that cancer survivors, that is, patients who have defeated cancer, can never donate blood. But this is not true.

Which cancer patients can donate blood

But whether a person is eligible to donate blood or not depends on the type of cancer, the treatment given to the patient and the current condition of the patient. Patients with cancers such as basal cell carcinoma or in-situ cancer can donate blood after receiving successful treatment. On the other hand, patients who have cancers such as leukemia or lymphoma are generally not considered eligible to donate blood.

Patients who have defeated cancer and have completed treatment can donate blood after some time, usually after a year. It is very important for the donor to be in good health, have stable blood counts and not have any kind of infection.

Donating blood is a commendable deed, but the health of both the donor and the receiver comes first. Blood donation is a very critical part of the medical field, which provides the necessary support during surgery, treatment and emergency conditions. The contribution of cancer survivors who are eligible to donate blood will be invaluable. But the donor's health comes first, so he needs to keep getting screened regularly so that the blood supply remains smooth.

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