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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Why is there such intense heat during Nautapa, there is mention in Vishnu Purana too

Nautapa 2024:
People in India are currently suffering from severe heat. The heat is so intense that it has become difficult to even step out of the house. According to astrology, Nautapa is being said to be the reason for all this. Let us know what Nautapa is, and when will it end.

Nautapa 2024: According to Hindu Vedic scriptures, Nautapa is going on at this time. There is severe heat for 9 days in Nautapa, that is why it is called Nautapa. According to the scriptures, when the Sun God enters the Rohini constellation in the month of Jyeshtha, the heat increases day by day. Rohini constellation is considered to be the constellation of Moon God. When the Sun God enters the Rohini constellation, the coolness of the Moon God decreases, due to which there is severe heat in some places for 9 days.

From when to when is Nautapa?

This time Nautapa has started from 25 May 2024 which will last till 2 June 2024. It is believed about Nautapa that from the day Nautapa starts, till the next 9 days, there is severe heat at many places on the earth which is at its peak. Because during this time the Sun God comes closer to the Earth. During this time, very hot heat also starts blowing due to which the common life is badly affected and people start falling ill due to heat.

Relief from scorching heat will be available from this day

The month of Jyeshtha is known for its extreme heat. Due to the intense heat, there is a summer vacation in all schools and colleges in this month. Due to the Nautapa in this month, the effect of the sun rays on the earth is more intense, due to which the temperature keeps increasing in the month of Jyeshtha and the heat reaches record breaking levels. According to astrology, this year Nautapa is ending on 2 June 2024. Due to the end of Nautapa, there can be relief from the scorching heat soon and the temperature can decrease.

Why is there such intense heat, this is also mentioned in Vishnu Purana

There are many scientific reasons behind the continuous increase in temperature on earth. But the increase in heat on earth has been mentioned in Hindu Puranas as well and the reason for it has also been given. According to Vishnu Purana and Sukh Sagar Granth, as Kalyug moves towards its end, Mahapralay will come in the universe. The temperature of the earth will keep increasing and the earth will start burning like a ball of fire. Due to the heat, there will be chaos all around and people will yearn for rain.

But for many years not even a drop of rain will fall and there will be drought on earth. Then Lord Vishnu will get absorbed in the rainbow rays of the Sun God, due to which the level of heat will increase even more. Due to lack of rain, agriculture will be completely destroyed and there will be a terrible famine on earth. Due to severe heat and lack of rain, rivers, ponds and reservoirs will all dry up.

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