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Monday, June 10, 2024

Why did Dwapar Yuga come after Treta Yuga? Know on what basis the Yugas have been divided


There are four eras in Hinduism. Satya Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapar Yuga and Kalyug. According to the scriptures, the present era is Kalyug. The order of these eras has been determined on some special basis. Also, their time period has also been decided according to the order. But why Treta Yuga has been placed first in the order after Satya Yuga, leaving Dwapar Yuga behind? The answer to this can be understood only on the basis of classification of eras.

What is the era?

Yuga means a certain time or a fixed time period. Yugas have been classified into four parts. The first is Satya Yuga, the second is Treta Yuga, the third is Dwapar Yuga and the fourth is Kali Yuga which is going on right now. In every Yuga, there have been many changes in the appearance of man as well as his behaviour.

Satya Yuga

The duration of the first era of the four yugas, i.e., the Satya Yuga, is said to be about 17 lakh 28 thousand years. It is believed that the Satya Yuga began on the ninth day of the Shukla Paksha of the Kartik month. It is believed that in this era, the gods and goddesses lived on earth like humans and their lifespan was also about 2 lakh years. Also, Pushkar is considered to be the pilgrimage of this era. There was no place for sin and unrighteousness in the Satya Yuga. In this era, Lord Vishnu had the Matsya, Kachhapa, Varaha and Narasimha incarnations.

Treta Yuga

Treta Yug begins after Satyug. In the scriptures, the duration of this era is considered to be about 12 lakh 28 thousand. According to religious texts, Treta Yug began on the third day of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month. It is believed that in this era, the age of a man was about 10,000 years and the pilgrimage of this era was Naimisharanya. In this era, three incarnations of Lord Vishnu took place to destroy evil, Shri Ram, Vaman, Parashuram, due to which this era was called Treta Yug.

Dwapara Yuga

In Dwapar Yug, Lord Vishnu took incarnation as Shri Krishna. In this Yug, Shri Krishna killed Kansa. He preached Gita in the war of Mahabharata. It is mentioned in Hindu scriptures that the duration of Dwapar Yug is about 8 lakh 64 thousand and this Yug started from Krishna Amavasya of Magh month. In this Yug, the age of a man is said to be about 1000 years.


According to religious texts, the duration of the current era or Kalyug is the shortest among the three eras, i.e. 4 lakh 32 thousand years. Kalyug is considered to start from the Trayodashi date of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapad month. In this era, the lifespan of a man is about 100 years. The main pilgrimage place of this era is considered to be the river Ganga. In this era, the amount of sin is more than in other eras. In Kalyug, Buddha is considered to be the incarnation of Vishnu. In this era, the Kalki incarnation of Lord Vishnu is to take place.

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