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Monday, June 10, 2024

When this actor lost control while doing a kissing scene with Dimple Kapadia, he did such a thing in the makeup room


Dimple Kapadia: Nowadays, bold scenes are shown in almost every Bollywood film. Because the audience also likes such films. But these scenes are shot with great difficulty. While giving romantic scenes, some stars become so uncontrollable that it becomes difficult for the actress to save herself. Something similar happened with actress Dimple Kapadia, who started her career at the age of 14. Once while shooting a scene on the set, the actor did such a thing with her that she was shocked.

This actor did a dirty act with Dimple Kapadia

Let us tell you that Vinod Khanna worked with Dimple Kapadia in the 1987 film Prem Dharam. But during the shooting of this film, there is an incident which will give goosebumps to everyone. Actually Vinod Khanna and Dimple Kapadia had to kiss each other and later the actor had to hug Dimple. But as soon as the scene was completed, Mahesh Bhatt also said cut but Vinod Khanna did not hear the cut and he was continuously kissing Dimple. After which Mahesh Bhatt said cut loudly, then Vinod Khanna left Dimple.

Dimple Kapadia had locked herself in the makeup room

The kissing scene shown in this film was being shot at night. The lights of the set were completely dimmed. In the scene, Vinod Khanna had to kiss Dimple Kapadia first and then fall asleep. As soon as Mahesh Bhatt said action to take this scene, Vinod Khanna started kissing Dimple Kapadia and hugging her vigorously. Seeing this dirty act of his, Mahesh Bhatt said to cut it but Vinod Khanna kept kissing Dimple. During this, Dimple's lips were cut. Dimple got so scared by Vinod's action that she ran straight to the makeup room.

Dimple Kapadia had refused to work with the actor

However, after the scene was over, Vinod Khanna and Mahesh Bhatt went to him and apologised. Later, while clarifying this, Mahesh Bhatt said that Vinod was drunk at that time. Let us tell you that this film of Dimple and Vinod was never released. And Dimple Kapadia refused to work with Vinod. After this, he did the same thing again with Bollywood's Dhak-Dhak girl and famous actress Madhuri Dixit.

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