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Sunday, June 9, 2024

What happened to this Bruce Lee of Bollywood that he left India forever? Find out

Know about India's Bruce Lee Hussain Khan

The actor we will talk about today was once called the Bruce Lee of Bollywood. At a time when the big heroes of Bollywood did not know much about six pack abs and body building, he was attracting every viewer with his six pack abs. He was also quite an expert in martial arts.

But how did this brilliant artist disappear from Bollywood? How did this artist completely separate himself from Bollywood? Today we will know about this.

The biggest film of his career was Jigar, which was a film based on martial arts. This film was released in 1992. This film had great actors like Ajay Devgan, Karisma Kapoor and Firoz Khan who played Arjun in Mahabharata. But in the true sense, if there was any actor who was liked the most by the audience, it was him. In his small role, he won the hearts of the audience with his talent.

Hussain Khan is from Iran

His name is Hussain Khan. Hussain Khan had done some films before Jigar. But hardly anyone noticed him in those films. Actually Hussain Khan is from Iran. His name in Iran was Khosoro Khalipanah. He took training in martial arts while living in Iran.

After that he came to India to train some people in martial arts. His amazing personality and amazing body attracted many film directors towards him. He started getting small roles in Hindi films. The first film of his Bollywood career was the film Jaani Dushman, which was released in 1989. However, Hussain Khan was seen in a very small role in this film.

After this, Hussain Khan got to play small roles in some other films as well. These films were Jurrat, Shiva, Mr. Bond, Khooni Mahal and Ghar Jamai. Mostly he was seen as a henchman in the gang of the main villain of the film. And he often used to fight with the main hero of the film. The special thing is that in every scene in which Hussain Khan fought with the hero of the film, a touch of martial arts was definitely visible in that scene.

Hussain Khan has been a big fan of Bruce Lee since the beginning. This is the reason why his body shape was quite similar to Bruce Lee's body. He also used to work as a stuntman in Bollywood. One day Hussain Khan caught the eye of Veeru Devgan, the biggest action director of Bollywood at that time. Veeru had been wanting for a long time that a film based on martial arts should be made with his son Ajay Devgan and stunts should be shown in it which are completely different from all the Hindi films till date.

Jigar became the turning point

Veeru told this to director Farooq Siddiqui and finally both of them decided to make the film Jigar together. However, they were still looking for an actor whose body and personality were suitable for doing martial arts sequences. Then Veeru Devgan suggested the name of Hussain Khan to director Farooq Siddiqui. And this became the turning point of Hussain Khan's film career.

In the film, Hussain Khan plays the role of Baba Thakur i.e. Ajit Khan's son. Many great action sequences of Hussain Khan were kept in the beginning of the film. However, during a fighting match in the film, Hussain Khan's spine breaks and he is forced to sit on a wheel chair. Veeru Devgan and Ajay Devgan liked Hussain Khan's work in this film very much.

After this film, Veeru Devgan cast Hussain Khan for small roles in the films Jaan, Platform and Divya Shakti. However, no one noticed Hussain Khan in these films. Seeing that he was not appreciated in Bollywood, Hussain Khan decided to leave Bollywood and India and go to Canada. However, he was last seen in Bollywood in the 1998 film Keemat, in which he was seen in a fight scene with Akshay Kumar and Saif Ali Khan.

After this, Hussain Khan shifted to Toronto, the capital of Canada and opened his own martial arts school here. Here he trained many students in martial arts. Many of his students also performed well in the field of martial arts. Now Hussain Khan has become a citizen of Canada and lives there with his family. He also has two sons, one of whom is named Aryan and the other is named Aamir. Both his sons are also experts in martial arts like him.

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