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Friday, June 14, 2024

Weekly Diet Plan Idea: What to cook for dinner… this weekly food chart will keep this confusion away

What to cook for dinner today? It becomes difficult for many people to answer this question. Even if they get the answer, there are no ingredients available at home to cook it. In such a situation, you can decide in advance what you want to cook for the whole week. This chart can help you in this.

Food gives energy to our body. Therefore, we should always take a healthy diet. But every woman today is very confused about what to cook for dinner. This happens with most of you too. Your mother or wife definitely asks you what to cook for dinner? But many times it happens that the vegetable or lentil that we ask to cook is not available at home. In such a situation, the same question arises again that what to cook for dinner? Because there is confusion about which vegetable to cook every day in the morning, evening and night.

If you are also one of them, then today we have brought a healthy food chart for you for the whole week. With the help of which you can decide your diet plan for the whole week and accordingly you can shop for vegetables and the necessary items to prepare it.


You can have potato parathas and curd for breakfast. Most people, from children to adults, like potato parathas. For lunch, you can choose the option of moong dal, ladyfinger, chapati and salad. For dinner, you can make jeera potato ki sabzi with roti.


On Monday morning you can eat any dal and roti. But keep in mind that do not eat such dal in the morning which can cause acidity. At the same time, you can make rajma-rice or cauliflower, potato and roti for lunch. Also make cucumber or your favorite salad with it. For dinner, the option of mixed veg and roti will be the best.


On Tuesday, you can make semolina or gram flour cheela with raita for breakfast. Homemade chutney will double its taste. You can make Kadhi-rice or brinjal, roti and salad. Also, for dinner, the option of dal or paneer with roti will be good.


You can make vegetable mixed poha for breakfast. You can make white gram, rice, roti and salad for lunch. It will be good to make palak paneer and roti for dinner.


On Thursday morning you can make paneer, potato or onion parathas. Also in the afternoon you can make soybean curry or tinda ki sabzi and roti with salad. For dinner the option of making gourd ki sabzi and roti will be best.


You can make dal roti for breakfast and for the day you can have capsicum and roti along with salad or raita. For dinner, the option of peas, mushroom or lotus cucumber and roti will also be good.


On Saturday morning you can make vegetable upma with raita or chutney for dinner. If you eat non-veg during the day, you can make that. Vegetarians can make roti and salad with turnip or jackfruit vegetable. For dinner you can make leafy onions or beans.

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