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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

This strange coffee is going viral in China, people are shocked just by seeing it

These days strange experiments are being done with coffee in China. Now coffee with onion is also available here, which has been named 'Spring Onion Latte'. When this coffee went viral on social media, people called it a coffee with a strange combination, about which they did not even expect that coffee could be made like this.

If there is one thing that people like the most in the world, then it is tea and coffee. Without these, people have neither morning nor evening. Especially if we talk about coffee, then most of the people in foreign countries like to drink coffee and this is the reason that many types of coffee are available in the market, which include espresso, cappuccino and latte etc. By the way, nowadays people have started doing different types of experiments with coffee. One such experiment is becoming very viral in China these days. Actually, here people are making and drinking coffee with onion.

You must have drunk many types of coffee, but you must have rarely drunk green onion and coffee mixed together, but these days latte coffee made from green onion is becoming quite popular in China. Even on social media, pictures and videos of this strange coffee are becoming very viral. It is being claimed that if you search #springonionlatter on Instagram, you will find dozens of its pictures and videos. Last month, this coffee went viral for the first time when many news platforms covered the news of this strange coffee and called it one of the most surprising combinations ever.

How is onion coffee made?

According to a report by a website called Oddity Central, the method of making this strange coffee is that first you have to finely chop and mash green onions in a cup and then add ice, milk and coffee to it. After this, some chopped onion pieces have to be put on top of it and in this way the coffee is ready. This coffee has been named 'Spring Onion Latte'.

Where did the idea of ​​making coffee come from?

Although the origin of this coffee is still not known, how it came, where it came from and when, but in recent times it attracted people's attention when this strange coffee was seen being sold in many coffee shops. A few months ago, a similar strange coffee came into the news, which was named 'Hot Ice Latte'. The surprising thing was that chilli was also mixed in this coffee.

This coffee is beyond people's imagination

By the way, people are stunned to see the coffee that is going viral right now. People are giving different reactions. Some people said that they never thought that one day they would have to drink coffee with onions, while some people said that they are very impressed with this unique latte, but are worried about bad breath.

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