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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

This company is amazing, it gave Rs 1 crore bonus to employees in return of losing weight

A Chinese company has started a unique scheme. It is giving bonuses to its employees for losing weight and that too in lakhs of rupees. Recently, the company has distributed Rs 1 crore as bonus among its employees who have lost weight. This company is also being discussed a lot on social media.

You must be knowing how difficult it is to reduce weight once it increases. Then to reduce weight, people have to take the help of gym and sweat for hours by exercising. Only then the weight reduces. At the same time, many times it also happens that people have to undergo surgery, but just imagine if you are given lakhs of rupees in exchange for reducing your weight? Yes, nowadays one such company is in the news, which has come up with a unique offer for its employees suffering from obesity.

Actually, the company is giving bonuses to its employees for losing weight. This unique company is located in Guangdong province of China, whose name is Insta 360. According to a report, under this scheme started last year, many people have earned money by losing their weight. So far 150 people have participated in it and together these people have lost a total of 800 kg of weight. In return for losing weight, the company distributed a total of 1 crore rupees as bonus among all the employees.

Only obese employees can participate

According to reports, this scheme of the company works like a 'weight loss boot camp'. Each camp is of 3 months and a total of 30 employees participate in it. So far five such camps have been organized. Although a large number of employees working in this company have applied under this scheme, but only those people have been selected who are obese. In each camp, people have been divided into three groups, which include two groups of 10-10 people and a separate group of 5 people.

If you lose even half a kilo of weight, you will get money

According to reports, an employee gets Rs 4,593 for every half kg of weight lost, but if any member of their group gains weight, then no member of that group gets the prize money; instead, they are fined Rs 5,700. A man named Lee, who was a part of this scheme last year, said that he got two benefits from this scheme. First, his health improved and second, he earned extra money from it.

This person got a bonus of 85 thousand

Lee said that apart from running, he also swam and played a lot of basketball to reduce his weight. Apart from this, he also paid attention to his diet, as a result of which his weight reduced by 17.5 kg and in return he got a bonus of 85 thousand rupees from the company. When this unique plan of the weight loss company went viral on social media, people praised it there too. Someone said that 'What an amazing company, I wish I was also a part of it', while someone said that 'If I were there, I would run 10 kilometers every day. If there is an employee like me, then the company itself will go bankrupt'.

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