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Saturday, June 8, 2024

This Bollywood actress loved Rahul Gandhi, expressed it openly, wanted to marry him


 Rahul Gandhi: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is often asked when he will get married and every time he avoids this question with a smile. At the same time, many times speculations are made that Rahul Gandhi loves someone very much, which is why he is not getting married. However, no one knows whom he loves. But do you know that once upon a time a famous Bollywood actress was in love with Rahul. She wanted to date him. But it could never happen. Let's know who was that beauty in whose heart Rahul Gandhi once lived.

Rahul Gandhi was in Bebo's heart

Kareena Kapoor, popularly known as Bebo in Bollywood, is currently the mother of two children and the wife of Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan, but do you know the connection between Kareena and Rahul Gandhi? Yes, there is a heart connection between Kareena and Rahul, which Kareena herself has admitted. Actually, a few years ago, in a show, Kareena had confessed that she has Rahul Gandhi in her heart. She also said that she wants to date Rahul Gandhi. However, this never happened and in 2012, Kareena married Saif Ali Khan after living in a live-in relationship for 5 years.

Kareena wanted to date Rahul Gandhi

A few years ago, when Kareena Kapoor appeared on Simi Garewal's show Rendezvous with Simi Garewal and Simi asked her whom she wanted to date, Kareena quickly took the name of Rahul Gandhi without thinking much. In her answer, Kaeena said, "This will become a bit controversial but I want to date Rahul Gandhi". At that time, this video of Kareena trended a lot and Rahul Gandhi and her name started being taken together. But Rahul Gandhi never commented on this matter. Also, Kareena has maintained silence on this matter since that day.

Rahul Gandhi has become MP from two seats

Rahul Gandhi, born on 19 June 1970 in Delhi, has turned 53 years old, but he has not yet married. At present, he is completely focused on his political career. Rahul Gandhi and his party Congress have performed very well in this election. Rahul Gandhi contested from two Lok Sabha seats this time and he has won both the seats by a huge margin. Rahul Gandhi has won from Rae Bareli seat, considered to be the stronghold of the Gandhi family, by a margin of about 3 lakh 90 thousand votes, while from Wayanad he has won by a huge margin of about 3 lakh 64 thousand votes.

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