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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

This actress of 'Hiramandi' was molested in a nightclub, she said- 'He touched my breast…


 Sanjeeda Sheikh:  Famous actress Sanjeeda Sheikh is enjoying the success of her web series Hiramandi these days. Sanjeeda Sheikh was seen in the role of Waheeda in this web series. Fans are praising Sanjeeda Sheikh's character a lot. Recently, Sanjeeda Sheikh has given an interview in which she has made a very shocking revelation. Sanjeeda Sheikh told that once a very obscene act happened with her in a night club.

Sanjeeda Sheikh was molested in a nightclub

While giving an interview, Sanjeeda Sheikh mentioned the nightclub incident and said, 'She remembers that incident vaguely, a woman was involved in it. She had gone to the nightclub when a girl was passing by her and while passing by, she touched her breast and went away from there. After this incident, she was shocked and started thinking what happened to her? This incident had deeply shocked her.' During this, Sanjeeda also openly talked about divorce, marriage and daughter with Aamir Ali.

What is wrong is wrong- Sanjeeda Sheikh

While talking about women, Sanjeeda Sheikh said, 'It is often heard that a man hits a woman on the back. He misbehaves with her. They believe that girls are of no use. Whoever is wrong, if he is walking on the wrong path, then he will not care about anyone. He will just go away. She is an actress, it has nothing to do with any man or woman. If any woman has done wrong to anyone, then one should tell about it. What is wrong is wrong.'

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