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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

These features of iPhone will make work easier, activate them quickly

If you have an iPhone then these features will prove to be beneficial for you. With the help of these features, you can easily do many of your tasks in less time. Know here which features of iPhone you do not know about yet? How can you activate them in the phone.

People who switch from Android to iPhone face many problems. They do not know about some features or shortcuts. Due to which they are not able to take advantage of the special features available in iPhone. If you are also one of those people or are already an iPhone user, then you can also know about these features. These features can make your work very easy. Apart from this, they will also save your time.

Power Saving Mode

To keep your phone's battery life longer, charge the phone only up to 80 percent. Apart from this, you can enable low-power mode in your phone.

Apple provides Low Power Mode feature to extend battery life in iPhone. You can use it when iPhone battery is low.

You also get a reminder facility when the phone has 20 percent battery. To enable this feature, go to the phone settings, then click on the battery option. Enable this option here. This mode switches off automatically after the phone is charged.

Activate Emergency SOS feature

With the help of Emergency SOS feature, you can inform your emergency contacts in an emergency situation. This feature shares your location with the emergency service. In India, you can talk to the emergency service by quickly pressing the side button three times.

Create your own shortcut

There are many built-in shortcuts available in the Shortcuts app, but you can also create new shortcuts yourself. To create a shortcut, first open the Shortcuts app. Now click on the New Shortcut option. After this you can add the tasks that you want to do automatically.

Through shortcuts, you can automatically categorize emails. Apart from this, it also reminds you to track the title, project or complete the task. In shortcuts, you get the facility to receive notifications for all these.

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