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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

These 5 plants attract snakes, if planted in the house then poisonous king cobra can enter


Everyone likes green trees and plants. This is why people plant trees inside their house, on the terrace or outside the house. Trees and plants provide us with clean air as well as oxygen and also give us positive energy. But do you know that planting some trees and plants can cause snakes to enter your house? Actually, there are some trees and plants that attract snakes. In such a situation, if any of these trees and plants are planted in your house, then snakes can come to your house. Let us know about 5 such trees and plants.

Jasmine plant:
It is believed that plants of the Jasmine vine family attract snakes. The reason behind this is the strong fragrance of the flower of this plant and the plant being very dense. Due to being very dense and shady, snakes easily hide themselves in them and they do not face any problem in hunting.

Clover Plants:
Clover plant also attracts snakes. The leaves of clover plant are thick and dense, which completely cover the ground. For this reason, snakes sit comfortably coiled under the leaves of this plant and hide and look for their prey. Therefore, it is advisable not to plant clover plant in the house.

Lemon tree:
Rats and small insects reside around lemon tree or any citrus tree. Birds also enjoy eating its fruits. Because of this, snakes also keep hovering around lemon tree. In such a situation, this plant should not be planted in the house or around the house. Otherwise, the chances of snakes coming to your house will increase.

Cypress Plant:
People like to plant cypress plants when there is empty space around the house. Cypress plant is a decorative plant, which looks very beautiful. It is also quite dense. This is why snakes hide in it and hunt insects and spiders. In this way, planting this plant around the house is dangerous.

Pomegranate plant:
Nowadays people have started planting many types of trees and plants in the courtyard and balcony of their house. They even plant mango and pomegranate trees. But you will be surprised to know that snakes camp near pomegranate trees. In such a situation, do not plant this plant in your house even by mistake.

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