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Monday, June 10, 2024

These 5 mistakes should not be done during periods, it harms health


During menstruation, women face problems like mood swings, back pain, pelvic floor pain, muscle stiffness. All these problems are quite natural, and with the help of some remedies, relief can be obtained from these problems, but some mistakes made during periods can take a toll on your health and you may also face problems during periods.

Women have to be very careful during the three to four days of their periods every month. During this time, special care needs to be taken on certain things, from hygiene to food and drink. So let's know which mistakes should be avoided during periods.

Keep in mind the timing of pads or tampons

It is very important to maintain hygiene level during periods, otherwise it can lead to vaginal infection and sometimes the situation can become serious if not taken care of. If you use pads or tampons during periods, then you should keep changing them at least every 6 hours. Special care is required during summers.

Don't make the mistake of drinking less water

During periods, women often avoid drinking liquids or water so that they can avoid the hassle of going to the washroom again and again, but this can be very harmful for your health. Drinking water also reduces the problem of cramps, so it is important to keep yourself hydrated.

Not taking proper care of diet is harmful

Although diet should always be taken care of to stay healthy, but during periods there are problems like weakness, fatigue etc. and the body also needs extra nutrition, so fruits, vegetables, dry fruits should be included in the diet in a balanced way. Apart from this, it is better to avoid fried food, junk food, cold drinks etc. during this time, otherwise it can also increase stomach cramps.

Don't make the mistake of doing too heavy exercises

During periods, women often have this question in their mind whether they should exercise or not. Instead of doing heavy exercises during periods, it is better to keep doing some light activities. Doing intense workouts during periods can cause more pain and swelling in the muscles.

Using fragranced products

To avoid the smell during periods, if you also use scented products on your underarms, then avoid it, because the chemicals present in these products can spoil the pH level of the vagina, due to which along with skin irritation, the chances of infection also increase.

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