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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

The woman thought that her boyfriend had left her, but was shocked to know the truth, a unique love story is going viral

The love story of an American couple is becoming quite viral these days. Actually, the girlfriend did not know that her boyfriend had gone into coma due to an accident. In such a situation, when the boyfriend suddenly stopped sending messages and stopped talking, she thought that he had left her, but she was shocked when she found out the truth.

Nowadays love stories are such that they are not able to last for long. Some break up in just a few months, while some people's relationship lasts only for a few days, but nowadays such a love story of a couple is going viral on social media, which is no less than a film story. The name of this couple is Cody Bryant and Hailey Voloshen. Both loved each other very much, everything was going well between them, but one day Cody suddenly stopped talking to Hailey. Now Hailey thought that maybe her boyfriend has left her, but when she came to know the truth, she was shocked.

Actually, whatever Haley thought about Cody, all of them proved wrong. According to the Daily Mail report, their love story started in the year 2022. Then they were vacationing in Hawaii with their respective families. The two met, then they fell in love with each other. Everything was fine in their relationship, but their relationship took an unexpected turn when Cody suddenly stopped talking to Haley. In such a situation, Haley thought that maybe Cody had forgotten her, but then one day she saw something on social media, which blew her mind.

The truth was revealed through social media

Haley found a GoFundMe campaign started by Cody's family, which informed that while he was riding a moped in Ibiza, Spain, he was hit by a car, due to which he was badly injured and went into a coma, as he suffered a severe brain injury. Although Cody came out of coma after some time, he did not remember anything about his relationship with Haley, but they say that true love never fails, so something similar happened in Haley and Cody's relationship. Cody started getting emotionally attached to Haley again.

Girlfriend supported me even in bad times

Although Cody was partially paralyzed due to the accident, Haley still did not leave his side. She stood by Cody even in terrible circumstances, thanks to which he has now started recovering. As far as their relationship is concerned, they have been together for more than a year now and they are very happy with each other.

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