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Wednesday, June 12, 2024

The pregnant wife did such a thing before delivery that people started cursing the husband after knowing it

A case from Japan is being discussed a lot on social media. Actually, here a pregnant woman has done something before delivery that people have started cursing not her but her husband. This story of the woman has sparked a different debate on social media.

The relationship between husband and wife is such a relationship in which both have to take care of each other, take care of each other's likes and dislikes. Although nowadays women have also become working, so obviously both husband and wife do not have time for household chores, but there are many women in the world who are housewives and most of their time is spent in household chores like cooking, taking care of children etc. The story of one such woman is in the news these days, who did such a thing before her delivery that people started cursing her husband instead of her. The incident is from Japan.

Actually, the matter is such that the pregnant wife prepared food for 30 days for her husband before her delivery, so that he does not face any problem regarding food and drink. According to the South China Morning Post, this matter came to the notice of the people when a 9-month pregnant woman shared a post on the social media platform Twitter and told that she was due to deliver on May 21 and before that date she had prepared food for her husband.

1 month's worth of food prepared for husband

According to reports, she did this because after delivery, she would not be able to stay with her husband as she would need rest and that is why she decided to stay with her parents, but she was worried that her husband would not be able to eat properly when she would not be at home, so she cooked a month's worth of food for him and kept it in the freezer.

People scolded the husband

The woman's story has now sparked a discussion on social media. While many people are cursing her husband and criticizing his inability to do basic household chores like cooking, some have also accused the wife of pampering her husband and treating him like a child.

One user angrily said, 'What kind of husband allows his pregnant wife to cook for a month? Doesn't he usually do anything at home? Isn't this spoiling her?', while another user wrote, 'This Japanese woman is weird. She is pregnant and is acting like her husband's maid. How did her husband eat before marriage?'

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