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Friday, June 14, 2024

The groom went behind the stage before the jaimala ceremony and started doing something that the bride broke the marriage

In Bhadohi, UP, the bride refused to marry the groom after seeing him drunk. The groom was abusing on the stage under the influence of alcohol and before the jaimala ceremony, he went behind the stage and started smoking ganja. Seeing this, the bride got angry and refused to marry the boy. After this, her family members held the groom's father and grandfather hostage.

In Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh, the bride got furious after seeing the groom drunk and smoking marijuana. She then refused to marry. The incident is from Fattupur area. Here the wedding procession reached a house with music and dance. Daya brought the bride to the stage. Everything was going well. Then the bride saw that the groom's mouth was smelling of alcohol. Till then she did not say anything. After this the bride saw that the groom went behind the stage.

The bride also followed him. She saw that the groom was smoking ganja there. And then what happened. The bride came in front of everyone and said that she will not marry him. She cannot accept a person who does such dirty drugs as her life partner. On hearing this, people from both the bride and groom's side were stunned. The bride said that the groom is completely drunk. She does not want to marry such a baldie and drug addict young man.

As soon as the bride's words were heard, an argument started between the groom and the bride's side. After a while, a fight also started between the two sides. After this, the people of the bride's side held the groom and his relatives who had come in the wedding procession hostage. They started demanding back the 8 lakh rupees spent on the wedding. Then someone informed the police about this. The police reached the spot and advised both the parties to compromise. Later on Thursday morning, the groom, his father and grandfather who were held hostage were allowed to leave without marriage.

The wedding procession had come from Jaunpur

Police said that Pinky, daughter of Sheela Devi, resident of Fattupur, was to be married to Gautam, resident of Jayarampur in Jaunpur district. They said that when the baraat arrived on Wednesday night, the groom was in a drunken state and was abusing from the stage. At that time, people did not say anything to him. If the bride's mother Sheela Devi is to be believed, then after a while when the bride was brought on the stage, the groom went behind the stage. Before the jaimala, the bride herself saw him smoking ganja behind the stage. Angered by this, the bride refused to marry.

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