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Wednesday, June 26, 2024

The bride's boyfriend took revenge, chased the groom with a rifle in the wedding procession, did the marriage take place?

In Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, a groom set out with a grand wedding procession to take his bride. But the procession could not reach the bride's house. On the way, something happened to the groom and the wedding party that they had to return. Let's find out what happened to them...

In Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh, a crazy lover warned his girlfriend's would-be groom. He told him to refuse this marriage. The groom did not listen. Then the lover called again and said that if you bring the baraat then the consequences will be bad. The groom ignored these words of the crazy lover. On Monday, the groom left for the wedding with the baraat. The baraat was going to the bride's house with great pomp and show when suddenly a young man with his gang reached there on the way.

He stopped the vehicles of the groom and the baraatis. He got the groom out of the vehicle and started saying that I had told you not to come with the baraati. Then why did you come? Why did you not listen to me? The groom started sweating after listening to the young man's words. Then it was revealed that this young man was none other than the bride's lover. The bride and he have been having an affair for many years. Then what, the bride's lover started firing on the vehicles of the baraati. However, he did not shoot any baraati or the groom. He had just come to scare them. So that the baraati would return. This trick of his worked. Out of fear, the groom and the baraati returned back.

The groom was warned twice

The case is of Chandpur police station area. There was a wedding in a village here. But the girl who was getting married was already having an affair with a young man. When the lover got the news that his girlfriend's wedding has been fixed, he got furious. He warned the groom twice on the phone not to bring the wedding procession. The groom ignored his warning both the times. On Monday, when he was about to reach the bride's house with the wedding procession, their vehicles were fired upon near Bhutpura village. The bride's lover along with his gang did this firing. After which the groom returned from midway with the wedding procession.

Nobody filed a case

At present, no party has lodged a report in the police station in this matter. The police said that they have come to know about the matter. If an FIR is lodged in this case, then action will definitely be taken on it.

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