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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Tanning is still happening even after applying sunscreen, do not make these mistakes while applying it

Sunscreen tips:
If you still face the problem of tanning despite applying sunscreen, do not ignore it. This indicates that you are making some mistakes in using this beauty product. Let us tell you about some skin care mistakes related to sunscreen...

In most places in India, people are troubled by the terror of heat. The danger of heat stroke is proving to be fatal. People are fainting due to the hot winds blowing in areas with temperatures above 40 degrees, i.e. heat stroke. The skin is also getting damaged due to the increased heat. Sunscreen is applied to protect the skin from the strong sun, heat and UV rays. In summers, it is considered a panacea for skin care. Sunscreen with 30, 50 or 70 SPF is available in the market. But some people get tanned despite applying sunscreen.

Most people have a question in their mind that why are they getting tanned even though they are applying sunscreen to protect their skin. Are you repeating some mistakes while applying sunscreen? Let us tell you what mistakes people make while applying sunscreen.

Why sunscreen is important

Not only the strong sun and scorching heat, but UV rays also damage the skin. The skin starts darkening if you stay outside for a long time. In such a situation, it is advisable to use sunscreen to protect the skin. Actually, all the sunscreens available in the market use such formulas that protect it from damage and darkness. There are many types of sunscreens, of which SPF 30, 50 and 70 are common. But despite applying this beauty product, some people get tanned. The reason for this is these mistakes made while applying it…

Going outside with sunscreen on

An important rule of applying sunscreen is to go out only after half an hour of applying it on the skin. By doing this, it gets absorbed well in the skin. But women or men do not pay much attention and they go out directly after applying it. Due to this mistake, this beauty product is not able to give the best results.

Not taking care of skin type

Generally, before applying any beauty product, it is important to know what your skin type is. People with oily skin should always apply gel sunscreen. In India, people do not pay attention to the skin type and apply any sunscreen. In such a situation, it does not work properly and the results are also not good.

Do not apply it when the weather changes

There is a myth among people that sunscreen should be applied only in summer. But this thinking is wrong. Even if the weather changes, one should not skip the routine of applying sunscreen. If the routine is broken, the risk of skin damage can also increase.

Apply sunscreen when going out

People also believe that applying sunscreen on the skin is necessary only if they have to go out. Experts say that we should apply it three times a day even while staying at home. Tanning occurs not only due to sunlight but also due to the heat present in the weather. Apart from protecting our skin from tanning, this beauty product also provides many other benefits. There are also sunscreens available in the market which also work to keep the skin moisturized.

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