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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Shiv Ji Favourite Number: What is the relation of Lord Shiva with number 3, know the secret

Lord Shiva Puja: Lord Shiva is believed to have a special relationship with the number 3. His trident has 3 parts. He has 3 eyes. The Tripund on the forehead is also made of 3 lines. Why is Lord Shiva so fond of the number 3?

Shiv Ji Favourite Number: Lord Shiva, who is called the God of Gods, has a very deep connection with the number 3. All things related to Lord Shiva are connected to the number 3. Number three is extremely auspicious. Although people say that number three is not auspicious, but the truth is that the ruling planet of this number is Guru. The deity of Guru planet is Lord Vishnu, this is the reason why Lord Shiva considers number three to be very auspicious and number three has great importance in his worship.

Significance of the number three in scriptures

According to the scriptures, the whole day is divided into four prahars. In which the third prahar i.e. the evening time is very dear to Lord Shiva. This prahar of the day is also called Pradosh Kaal. Worshiping Lord Shiva at this time is especially fruitful. The leaves of the Bel Patra offered to the Shivling are also three, which are joined together. It is said that these three leaves are the form of Tridev.

The mystery of Lord Shiva related to the number 3

The mystery of Lord Shiva's 3 digits has been described in the story of Tripurdah in Shiva Purana. According to the story of Shiva Purana, three demons had built three flying cities so that they could become invincible. The demons had named these cities of theirs as Tripur. These three cities used to fly in different directions. The demons used to go to the cities after creating terror, due to which no one could harm them. These three flying cities of the demons could be destroyed with just one arrow. This could be possible only when the three cities came in a single line. The gods were also very upset and sad due to the terror of the demons.

Lord Shiva is called Tripurari

Troubled by the terror of the demons of Tripura, all the gods took refuge in Lord Shiva. To protect the gods from the demons, Shiva made the earth a chariot and the Sun and Moon the wheels of that chariot. Mounted the bow on Mandara mountain and the bowstring of Kalsarp Adisesha. Not only this, Vishnu ji became the bow and arrow and one day that moment came when all the three cities came in a straight line. After which Lord Shiva shot an arrow in the blink of an eye. All the three cities were burnt to ashes by Shiva ji's arrow. After burning these three cities, Lord Shiva applied the ashes of all the three cities on his body. After which Lord Shiva was called Tripurari. Since then, three is said to have special importance in the worship of Lord Shiva.


Lord Shiva's favorite weapon Trishul also shows Shiva's connection with the number three because Trishul is the only weapon that has three prongs. It includes sky, earth and underworld. In many Puranas, Trishul has also been associated with three qualities like Tamasic Guna, Rajasic Guna and Satvik Guna. Offering Trishul to Lord Shiva removes enemy obstacles and unknown fears.


Among all the gods and goddesses, Mahadev is the only one who has three eyes. Shiva's third eye opens only when he is angry. When this eye of Shiva opens, the sinners on earth are destroyed. Also, the three eyes of Lord Shiva represent penance. Purpose, mind and bliss. Meaning complete truth, pure consciousness and complete bliss.


There are three lines on Lord Shiva's forehead which are also called Tripund. It includes self-preservation, self-promotion and self-realization. Lord Shiva's Tripund represents the three goals of the world. It includes self-preservation, self-promotion and self-realization. It is the creation of a person, his protection and his development.

Three leafed belpatra

Three-leafed Bilvapatra or Belpatra is always offered in the worship of Lord Shiva. These three leaves are joined together. It is said that without this, the worship of Lord Shiva is considered incomplete. It is believed that these three leaves are the form of Tridev.

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