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Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Paresh Rawal's 'Hungama' and 'Hulchal' have a strong connection with 'Baburao' of 'Hera Pheri'

There are some Bollywood actors who win people's hearts with their small roles. Veteran actor Paresh Rawal has been entertaining people for many years. His films like 'Hungam', 'Hulchul' and 'Hera Pheri' have a special place in people's hearts. But one thing is exactly the same in all three of these films.

This is Baburao's style... You must have heard this dialogue and must have liked Paresh Rawal's acting in this film. Every person has his own choice. Now some people are fans of Shahrukh Khan, while some people enjoy watching Paresh Rawal's films. If you are also a fan of Paresh Rawal's acting and comedy, then you must have seen his three films 'Hungama', 'Halchul' and 'Hera Pheri'.

Paresh Rawal's acting in all these three films is worth watching. But there is also a connection between these three films, which very few people would have noticed. 'Hera Pheri' was seen on the big screen in the year 2000. In this film, Paresh Rawal played the character of Baburao Ganpatrao Apte, whom everyone fondly called Babu Bhaiya. This character was of a person who is in dire need of money and what all does that old man not do in greed for money. This character of Babu Bhaiya is liked by the audience even today as much as it was 24 years ago.

Then in 2003, when 'Hungama' was released, the name of Aftab Shivdasani's character in it was Nandan Apte alias Nandu. Through an ad of this film, it was revealed that the name of Nandan Apte alias Nandu, who is missing, is Seth Baburao Ganpatrao Apte.

After this, 'Halchal' hit the theatres in the year 2004. Paresh Rawal was also seen in this film. There is a scene in the film where Sunil Shetty aka Veeru cleverly brings his clan to Anjali's wedding venue. At that time, Sunil Shetty is seen calling Paresh Rawal, who is playing the character of Murari in the film, Babu Bhaiya. At the same time, Paresh Rawal will soon be seen in the film Sarfira with Akshay Kumar. After this, the name of Welcome to the Jungle is also included in the list of his upcoming films.

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