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Saturday, June 15, 2024

Now there is a stir in the business world regarding NEET, know what businessman Vivek Bindra said

Not only the students or their parents but the entire country is shocked by the NEET case. The business world is also shaken by the emergence of this case. In such a situation, motivational speaker and businessman Vivek Bindra has also come forward. Let us tell you what he has said in this matter.

The way the uproar has been created in the whole country after the NEET 2024 result came out. Now even the business world is not spared from it. Education tech company Physics Vallah has even filed a petition in the court. On the other hand, motivational speaker and business Dr. Vivek Bindra has also jumped into this matter. Along with this, he has raised many questions. Dr. Vivek Bindra has also posted a video on YouTube in this matter. Let us also tell you what he has said on the whole matter?

24 lakh students appeared for the NEET 2024 exam. Which was conducted in 4750 centers in different parts of the country. Complaints like time loss, dummy candidates and paper leak were received in some centers. According to motivational speaker Vivek Bindra, he himself had talked to NTA about this. In which it was learned that he himself has caught more than 40 dummy candidates and has registered a case against the mafia.

Why did the result come 10 days earlier

Vivek Bindra has also raised the question that why the result which was supposed to come on June 14, came 10 days earlier on June 4? In response to this, NTA says that the result could have come anytime till June 14. It was understood that the result would come on June 14, but it was not so. The process was completed quickly, due to which the result also came early. The next question is about the number of toppers. 67 students have got 100 percent marks, how? Last year the number of such students was only 2. The special thing is that out of these 67 students, 44 got the benefit of the flaws in the answer key. Which the students have also challenged in the court. The special thing is that 6 got compensatory marks due to loss of time. 17 have achieved full marks with their hard work.

Why were compensatory marks given?

The biggest question is that in this exam, 1563 students have received compensatory marks due to the mistake of the exam center. On this, Dr. Vivek Bindra said that it is very important to do justice to the students. Due to which it is necessary to conduct the exam again for these 1563. At the same time, the Supreme Court has also given the decision to conduct the exam again. After which the questions raised on the exam result and NTA will automatically end. If any student has any question related to this matter, then he can email on NTA's email ID

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