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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Not only Natasha-Hardik, but the marriage of these Bollywood stars has also become a joke, it even came to the point of divorce


Bollywood: Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya and Bollywood actress Natasha Stankovic have been in the news for quite some time due to the news of their divorce. Hardik's wife Natasha had deleted all her photos with Hardik from her Instagram account. The news of their divorce created a lot of uproar on social media, but now it seems that the news of Natasha and Hardik's divorce is completely false.

Natasha has restored the pictures from her wedding to Valentine's Day. Looking at them, it seems that both of them are together but till now both of them have not given any official statement regarding this. However, before Natasha and Hardik, there have been divorce rumours of these Bollywood stars too.

1.Natasha Stenkovic-Hardik Pandya

Recently, amidst the news of divorce with Hardik Pandya, Bollywood actress Natasha Stankovic has put a stop to the news of her divorce with Hardik Pandya by sharing a photo on her Instagram story. Fans are very happy to see this post. Natasha has shared a photo of a dog wearing a baby pink panda dress on her Instagram account. With this, she wrote in the caption, Baby Rover Pand(Y)a.

2. Deepika Padukone-Ranveer Singh

Bollywood's beautiful actress Deepika Padukone is in the news these days due to her pregnancy. The happiness of becoming a mother can be clearly seen on Deepika's face. But recently, there have been rumors about the divorce of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh. However, the couple never reacted to these news and both of them put an end to these news by being spotted together many times.

3. Aishwarya Rai - Abhishek Bachchan

For quite some time now, the news of divorce between Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan has been gaining momentum. It is being said that Aishwarya has left her in-laws' house and is living in her maternal home. Ash has not been seen with the Bachchan family for many days. However, the couple has not yet reacted to these news. But these news came to a full stop when they were seen together at Aaradhya's school function.

4. Divya Kumar Khosla-Bhushan Kumar

The news of divorce of famous Bollywood actress and singer Divya Khosla and Bhushan Kumar has come out many times. Actually, Divya had removed Khosla from her name, since then these rumours were spread. However, the couple did not give any reaction to these news.

5. Asin-Rahul Sharma

There were also reports of divorce between Bollywood actress Asin and businessman Rahul Sharma. Actually, Asin had deleted the photos with her husband from her Instagram. But after this, Asin herself shared a post on her Instagram and dismissed these reports.

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