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Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Narmada River: Why is Narmada known as the virgin river? Know the mythological story

Narmada River Origin
: Whenever it comes to holy rivers in India, we take the names of Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Narmada and Kaveri rivers. It is believed that bathing in these religious rivers purifies and sanctifies a person's soul. One of these is the Narmada River which is also popular as the Kunwari River. Why is the Narmada River called Kunwari?

Narmada River: Narmada River has great importance in Hinduism. Bathing in this river is considered equal to bathing in the Ganges River. Every pebble of this river is like Shankar, who is worshipped as Narmadeshwar Mahadev. According to religious beliefs, doing parikrama of Narmada River liberates one from sins and attains salvation after death. Narmada is also known as Reva and Kunwari River. But the question arises that why this river started being called Kunwari River?

narmada river speciality

The Narmada River is called the "lifeline of Madhya Pradesh". It is a river of central India and the fifth longest river of the Indian subcontinent. After the Godavari River and the Krishna River, the Narmada River is the third longest river flowing in India. Originating from Amarkantak place of Mahakal Mountain, the Narmada River flows towards the west and merges into the Gulf of Khambhat. The Narmada River flows in Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat and even today special worship of the Narmada River is done in Madhya Pradesh. In India, the Narmada River is also given the status of a mother.

This is how Narmada became a virgin river

According to the mythological story, Narmada was a daughter of King Maikhal. Narmada was a very beautiful, talented and obedient daughter. When Narmada became of marriageable age, Maikhal announced her marriage. He also said that the princess would marry the prince who would bring the Gulbakauli flower. After this, many princes came but none could fulfill the condition of King Maikhal. Then Prince Sonbhadra came and fulfilled the king's condition of Gulbakauli flower. After this, the marriage of Narmada and Sonbhadra was fixed.

vowed to remain a virgin

Princess Narmada had a friend named Juhila. She was Narmada's maid but Narmada had no pride of her clan or caste. Therefore she lived with her like a friend and shared her thoughts with her. After her marriage with Sonbhadra was fixed, Princess Narmada wished to see Sonbhadra once. For which she sent her maid Juhila with a message to the prince. But after a long time, the princess started worrying and she went in search of him. Then she reached Sonbhadra and saw Juhila with him there. Seeing this, she became very angry. After this, she vowed to remain a virgin for life and started walking in the opposite direction.

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